Join us for our Fifth (!) Annual Dog Day at Douglass Loop, Saturday, August 13, 2016

Join us for our Fifth Annual Dog Day at Douglass Loop Farmers Market – Bardstown Road’s only dog friendly market.

Special guests include Barkstown Road, our local Highlands pet boutique and Mod Dog Collars. Sara Beavin, certified pet first aid instructor, will also be on hand to educate pet owners on being prepared for emergencies.

Cherokee Animal Hospital will provide free microchip checks. Microchips can migrate or malfunction  and should be checked every year at your pet’s annual exam. Get a free chip check while you are enjoying Dog Day and the market!

update August 14th: Over 75 dogs were scanned and THREE had chips that did not read. One was chipped 10+ years ago and no one had checked since then. HAVE YOUR CHIP CHECKED!

Our designated non-profit is My Dog Eats First. MDEF provides food, vet care and support to the pets of Louisville’s homeless population.

There will also be a drawing for a giant gift basket to benefit MDEF and a pet food drive.  Come on out and say hi!