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Fundraising with Rocko's Rewards

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Rocko's Rewards fundraiser packages can be a great tool in helping your group reach its financial goals.

Here's what we've learned about fundraising with our all natural dog biscuits:

People love to get a little something for their donation and we make it easy for your group to raise much-needed funds with our fundraiser packs of Rocko's Rewards all natural dog biscuits. Pre-priced at $1.00 to $4.00, they make the perfect teaser to get that donation. Some of our groups have raised more than the retail price of the biscuits because people will round up, telling you to keep the change.

When planning your fundraiser, it is important that you get your message out in advance and face to face. Rocko's Rewards will be glad to post on your facebook page to encourage participation or provide our logo for use in related publicity and links. Rocko is quite the handsome old boy, having his picture where people can see it will catch their eye. Then it's up to you to draw them in. Get your all natural dog biscuits here - we're raising money to build a shelter! or cover medical bills, support a rescue, whatever your purpose

Before you go further, we do want to let you know one very important thing. If you are attending an event with multiple dog-related vendors, our fundraising packages are not your best choice. Many give out free items including dog biscuits they buy in bulk at the grocery. A premium item just doesn't stand out. We know that every dollar is important to you and we don't want you to be disappointed.

Your best results are going to be in venues where people come to buy premium items. Examples are an art fair, farmers market, boutique or a gift shop associated with a community event.

Another successful strategy is to position Rocko's Rewards fundraiser packs at a point of purchase where you can suggest an up-sell, such as when buying raffle tickets or collecing entry fees. Would you like to add an additional donation and get a bag of all natural dog biscuits? It works.

Rocko's Rewards fundraising packs come in four sizes:
-Tiny size, bag of four, pre-priced at $1.00
-Small size, bag of three, pre-priced at $2.00
-Medium size, bag of three, pre-priced at $3.00
-Large size, bag of two, pre-priced at $4.00

Our standard packages:
your cost $ 35: 20 Tiny, 21 Small, 6 Medium, 5 Large, Retail = $100.00
your cost $ 70: 35 Tiny, 40 Small, 15 Medium, 10 Large, Retail = $200.00
your cost $175: 60 Tiny, 85 Small, 50 Medium, 30 Large, Retail = $500.00
your cost $350: 140 Tiny, 160 Small, 100 Medium, 60 Large, Retail = $1,000.00
We will gladly prepare a customized package for your fundraiser - email us at for a quote

An 11 x 14 foam-backed sign with easel is included with each order.
As always, shipping is FREE.
The fine print:
Rocko's Rewards may, at its option, attach a promotional card to each fundraiser bag.
Package quantities are based on our past experience with the sales of different sizes. We will be glad to assemble a package of any other quantity or amount. Email us at to arrange purchase (PayPal account required).
Fundraiser packages must be ordered 21 days in advance. Allow an extra 5 days for standard UPS Ground Shipping. Sorry, we are unable to ship to a PO Box or outside of the United States.
Sales tax will be automatically be charged on KY purchases, please email your tax exemption certificate to for a sales tax refund.

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