Where's the hottest place in Louisville
the second weekend of every month?

The Flea Off Market

There's no end to the treasures you'll find at The Flea Off Market - check out the pictures from May's event.

The Flea Off market is held the second weekend of every month
at Fresh Start Growers Supply, 1007 East Jefferson
at the end of Baxter by Feeders Supply

Market hours are 10 - 6 on Saturday and 10 - 5 on Sunday

Rocko's Rewards will be at the market on Sunday only!
Special First Friday event - June 7th
Rocko's Rewards will be at The Flea Off Market Friday evening from 4 - 9 for a special first Friday market. Come on down for the Trolly Hop and stop in and say hi!

Photographer: Lenore Slawsky, Rocko's Rewards, all rights reserved

posted June 6th, 2013

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Dogs are welcome - stop by and try one of our all natural dog biscuits

and get a cool drink at our popular dog watering station

See you there!

Rocko, 2010, age 15

Rocko, 2011, age 16 1/2

Rocko, 2013, age 18

1994 - 2013

it was a good life

his legacy will live on

Rocko's Pet Loss Sympathy Card

Shortly before Rocko had to leave his tired worn out body behind, I had a dream about his passing. This dream was the inspiration behind Rocko's Pet Loss Sympathy Card with a special message to comfort in a time of loss. Click here to order a card or poster.

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