Rocko’s Story

how an abandoned dog found his forever home

It was a long time ago, a time I remember only in the darkest of dreams.

I can remember my brother and I being thrown from the truck and watching the  lights fade away. We waited by the side of the road, jumping at the sound of each approaching vehicle. Sometimes people stopped and left something to eat, but we always ran away. We did not know them. Something bad might happen. I had no idea that the bad part was almost over.

A truck came around the curve. Convinced we were finally going home, my brother ran too close to the side of the road. There was a noise and then nothing. I laid by his side waiting for him to wake up. Days went by. I had always known hunger, and thirst, and cold. But this was worse than before. It hurt to move and it hurt to lay still.

Another truck came by. Again, I ran away. But this time there was a car following the truck. I came back too soon. There was a lady by the side of the road leaving me food. This time I was just too tired to run again. I saw the truck had stopped and was coming back. Another car stopped, and another lady got out. They were all talking about how I would run away each time they stopped.

That one lady just stood there. I heard her say, I don’t care, I’ll try anyway. I looked at her and knew she was the one. I walked to her feet, took a bite of food, and rested my head on her leg. She opened the car door and I got in.

We went to a place called Me-Ma’s house. I used to go back and visit, sometimes by car, sometimes in a big crate on an airplane. The smells always stayed with me, and I always knew when we were back. That first night I was supposed to stay on the porch, but there was a horrible storm. My new mom let me in the house. There were four others like me there. I had never seen a warm dry place where I was so welcomed.

Soon my new mom, my people brother and I made the trip to what would be my home. Right away my mom had to take me to the vet. I still hear her talk about how I weighed 35 pounds, and four weeks later when I went back I weighed 60 pounds. She talks about how I almost starved sitting by the side of the road, and how her life was changed forever when she decided to stop.

When we first got home, I was scared of a lot of things. My new mom and people brother took care of me. Soon after, mom got sick. When that happened, I had to take care of her. I had found my place in the world, and I would not ever let anything bad happen. My role in our new home would be to protect my mom, no matter what.

It’s been a long time since mom found me by the side of the road. Since then, my mom has been my best friend, and I have been hers. I have always made sure she was safe and knew I loved her just as much as she loved me.

Mom’s notes: Rocko was found on the side of the road in rural southern Mississippi Thanksgiving of 1995. Rocko’s Rewards were created first for Rocko, then shared with the rest of the world in his honor.

April, 2013: After a long and happy life, at the age of 18 it was time for Rocko to leave his old worn out body behind to begin anew. It was hard to let go but it was the final gift I could give to him after all the years of love he had given me. To read about Rocko’s last days and his peaceful departure, check out Rocko’s Story – time to be free

– forever Rocko’s mom

1994 – 2013

it was a good life . . . his legacy will live on


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