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To make Rocko's Rewards, first we start by shredding organic carrots and mixing them with beef stock made from free-range hormone free beef, organic corn meal and organic olive oil. The final ingredient is organic whole wheat flour. Everything goes into the great big mixer until . . .

the dough is ready to rest for a while before we're ready to start cutting.

Balls of dough are fed through the sheeter and come out in flat sheets, ready to cut.

The sheets of dough are ready to cut into various size biscuits. We start with the tiny ones first, they take the most time to make but they are just so cute!

Time to load up the ovens and start baking. Each full size tray is 2 1/2 times the size of a home oven and will hold 32 large biscuits or 160 tiny one. The biscuits are baked until they are hard and dry.

But it isn't all work. With Rocko dozing on his blanket and the scent of flowers drifting through the window over the work table mixed with the smell of baking biscuits, this is definitely our happy place.

Finally the biscuits are cool and ready for packaging.

Of course, no batch is complete with the approval of Rocko, our Quality Control Manager.

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