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posted May 12, 2012

Rocko's Rewards is proud to host this page of pictures from the Douglass Loop Farmer's Market.

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Everywhere you look there tables piled high with good food
and many other treasures
at the Douglass Loop Farmers Market!

Thank you to our loyal patrons and we'll see you next Saturday

Market hours - Saturday, 10:00 - 2:00
Location - Douglass Blvd Christian Church, located behind the PNC Bank at Bardstown Road and Douglass Loop

Photographer: Lenore Slawsky, Rocko's Rewards, all rights reserved

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~~~ Doggie Pics ~~~

Meet our volunteer sales team

Our dear friend Alan helped out when we needed to take a break, and this sweet little girl bought a bag of biscuits for her dog and proceeded to treat all the dogs at the market

Getting a free biscuit and a cool drink of water is a favorite
for all our four legged friends

Studies show that 60-80% of people can curl their tongue, but have you ever seen a dog do it?

Look! Doggy!

Thanks to DLFM for being Bardstown Road's only dog friendly market!

Market Etiquette for Pets:
If you have four feet on the ground, you have to have a leash - no exceptions
PLEASE clean up any messes left by your dog!
Please respect the products the vendors have for sale by keeping a safe distance
Dogs are not permitted within 5 feet of prepared food areas
The market is a busy place - consider how your dog feels about crowds, noise and other dogs of all sizes
Always be prepared for the unexpected - children running up to your dog, especially with food
in their hands, leashes that can pose a trip hazard to other shoppers, unexpected
reactions from or towards other dogs, noises or smells that might upset your dog
The most important thing is keeping people and pets safe

Water bowls are located behind Rocko's Rewards booth, please stay hydrated.

If your dog gets stressed by the crowd, we encourage you to enjoy our Sit and Shop area
where you can sit in the quiet shade with your dog while you wait on another shopper -
or meet a new friend and pet-sit for each other.

~~~ Rocko Says ~~~

We're on a mission to support Shamrock's Arrow Fund with their
Cookbook sales, come by our booth Saturday, May 19th, to meet some
Shamrock volunteers and get yours - only $12 and all proceeds go to pay the medical bills of severely tortured and abused animals

Rocko, May 12, 2012, 17 years and six months old

Yes, that's really Rocko on every package of our all natural dog biscuits
Watch our video to see what it took to get The Perfect Picture
and why Rocko still hates the camera

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