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Rocko's Rewards began as a special "good boy bone" for Rocko, my best friend. As our all natural dog biscuit recipe evolved and our fans grew among family and friends, we decided to share this delicious treat with the rest of the world's pet families. Along the way we've made new friends, shared joys and tears, furry hugs and slobbery kisses, and Rocko's World was created to share the love.
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All Natural Dog Biscuits!

Yes, that's really Rocko on every package of our all natural dog biscuits
Watch our video to see what it took to get The Perfect Picture

and why Rocko hated the camera

Rocko's Rewards All Natural Dog Biscuits
Delivered Fresh to Your Dog®
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What makes Rocko's Rewards so special?

Rocko's Rewards are made with the finest ALL NATURAL ingredients, baked fresh and Delivered Fresh to Your Dog ®. Each order of delicious dog biscuits comes in a resealable bag to maintain freshness. Available in original beef flavor or NEW sweet potato. Chose a single order of dog biscuits, sign up for our monthly subscription service, send a gift to someone special or take advantage of our fundraising packages. Order now!

Thorsted Gyncuits
NEW! THORSTED GYNCUITS (thor-stéd gin-kits)
Thor & GynGyn's fruit frosted all natural dog biscuts

Thorsted Gyncuits may be our best creation ever! Delicious all natural dog biscuits with a fruity yougurt frosting.
Add a bag of biscuits for 50% off!
For the perfect gift order here!

Senior Soft Dog
Senior Soft Dog Cookies
All natural gluten free easy to chew dog cookies
for senior dogs with no teeth!

Rocko's Rewards has listened to our fellow senior dog owners talk about how hard it is to find a good all natural treat when your old dog loses his or her teeth. We have developed a new soft dog cookie made with all natural ingredients especially for these dogs. After all, Rocko may still have all his teeth but he certainly knows how it feels to be an old dog! Order here!

Order a Monthly Subscription of 
All Natural Dog Biscuits Now Rocko's Rewards Dog Biscuit Subscription Service

By ordering a subscription to Rocko's Rewards you will automatically receive fresh all natural dog biscuits each month. You can cancel up to 72 hours before your next scheduled delivery, but you have to explain it to your dog! Order here!

Order a Pet Loss Sympathy Card Rocko's Pet Loss Sympathy Card

Shortly before Rocko had to leave his tired worn out body behind, I had a dream about his passing. This dream was the inspiration behind Rocko's Pet Loss Sympathy Card with a special message to comfort in a time of loss. Order here

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        fundraising with Rocko's Rewards Fundraisers

Is your organization looking for a product to sell at fundraising events? Rocko's Rewards has the answer. Click here to learn some of our fundraising tips and more about our fundraiser packs.

Rocko's Rewards All Natural Ingredients
Rocko's Rewards dog biscuits are made with the finest all natural and organic ingredients. Click on a flavor to see an ingredient list and nutritional analysis for each of our products.

Original Beef All Natural Dog Biscuits
ingredients and nutritional analysis
Sweet Potato All Natural Dog Biscuits
ingredients and nutritional analysis
Beef Senior Soft Dog Cookies
ingredients and nutritional analysis
Sweet Potato Senior Soft Dog Cookies
ingredients and nurtitional analysis

Your Pet's Health
Always remember that Rocko's Rewards dog biscuits are meant to be a daily treat, not a nutritional supplement or part of a balanced diet. Consult your veterinarian to make sure your dog is receiving the appropriate nutritional intake for his or her breed, size, age, and physical condition.

Rocko's Rewards all natural dog biscuits are hand made, product size and appearance may vary slightly.

Retail Opportunities
To inquire about becoming a Rocko's Rewards Retailer, email us at Contact@RockosRewards.com.

Read Rocko's story to see how it all started!

Rocko, 2010, age 15

Rocko, 2011, age 16 1/2

Rocko, 2013, age 18

1994 - 2013
it was a good life
his legacy will live on

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